Faux Fur Toy Kiwi - Realistic

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Kiwi made by Kiwis

Fantastically Realistic soft toy kiwi made from the closest looking thing to kiwi feathers we’re allowed to use – brown faux fur.  Available in large (29cm) or medium (22cm). And in dark or light fur. Large size is approximately the same size as an adult kiwi. So real looking that when I’ve been carrying them I have had people come up to me on the street asking if they can touch a real kiwi! The fur used looks just like the kiwi feathers – we also use it to make our popular  Maori cloaks and bags which were traditionally made using real Kiwi feathers. Kiwi are now a protected species.

Child friendly with safety washer eyes.

Made in New Zealand.

Dark, Light