Loopy Sheep Textured Wool "WOOLBERT"


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Sheep You Keep (and Wool clothing)

Meet the new textured wool variation of our loopy sheep family. Made from pure NZ spun wool in various natural shades (from white to brown). It is a  Large (25cm long) pure wool sheep. Features an electronic noise which makes a Baaa Baaa noise when you squeeze one of his feet. The wool has been spun and treated for export after being shorn from a real sheep, but hold it up to your nose and it still smells just like the real thing…..we don’t think you’ll get that with the acrylic sheep made overseas. As New Zealand as you can get. Child friendly with safety washer eyes. Made in New Zealand (ofcourse!). See also his fat luxurious cousin Loopy Wool Toy Sheep 25cm and  Loopy Lamb toy 11cm – the miniature version.